scream with fear, scream like death
because your life is under threat

scream with suspicion, I’m coming to find you
You’re feeling me there, I’m right behind you

And now, I catch you, let’s play a game
and then I fuck you, you scream with pain

But, no wonder, you like it, you scream with desire
You have only one option, sell lust for your life

I swear I won’t kill you and you scream with joy
and you laugh when I say you’re for me just a toy

But you’re driving me crazy, I get fucking annoyed
when you say I’m a bastard, an obsessive paranoid

I’m not so bad a guy, people want me to be
just be a little patient, I’ll prove it, you’ll see

An the only one reason, I’m doing all these things to you
is because I love you, and I wanna be with you



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